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Dr. Egan ~ Podcast Guest Speaker 
Ep 58 - Technology usage in very young children with Tara Egan  - Growing Our Family - Parenting Podcast

Dr. Egan was a guest on the “Growing Our Family” (Pregnancy Edition) with host, Brittany. They spoke about healthy technology habits in very young children.

Ep 042 - Anxiety and Depression in Children, Screen Time, and Dealing with Technology

Our guest is Dr. Tara Egan. She is a therapist, parent coach, author, and public speaker. We discuss causes of anxiety in children, causes of it, and how it may manifest itself. We also focus on screentime - why it is addictive, how to help your kids manage it, and the differences in quality content. Lastly, Tara describes how to best manage the transition of divorce for your kids and what not to do.

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