Dr. Egan's Book

Dr. Egan is the author of Better Behavior for Ages 2-10: Small Miracles That Work Like Magic (Lesson Ladder, 2013). In this easy-to-read, practical book, parents can learn how to effectively elicit positive behavior from their children.


Your child is a small miracle that you treasure immensely. When your child misbehaves, however, it can lead to feeling that you have failed as a parent, often followed by family, friends, and even strangers offering well-in­tended but stress-inducing advice.

Better Behavior for Ages 2-10 was written to share author Dr. Tara Egan’s clinically-proven methods for handling, modify­ing, and most importantly, completely preventing difficult behavior. Included is an easy to understand and implement success model that you will start to benefit from right away! Dr. Tara's strategies and advice are small pearls of wisdom about child behavior that work like magic.

This guidebook provides pre-emptive strategies for parents who are struggling with their child’s behavior to set the stage for good behavior:

  • Preventive and proactive strategies to stop misbehavior before it occurs.

  • Reactive strategies to address and eliminate existing problem behaviors.

  • Dr. Tara’s easy-to-use behavioral success model that parents can implement right away to motivate and reinforce good behavior.

From learning the importance of “role modeling” to motivating and disciplining in a way that will reinforce good behavior—Better Behavior for Ages 2-10 will guide you every step of the way. This book offers effective solutions for eliminating stress while strengthening the loving relationship between you and your child.