Counseling/Parent Coaching Services 

Dr. Egan is a child and adolescent therapist and parent coach. She provides a custom service for each family, using a combination of individual therapy, parent coaching, and family therapy. Her service is very solution-focused and efficient, designed to help families get relief of symptoms as quickly as possible.  

Fees are as follows:

  • Initial telephone consultation (30 min) - $90

  • Home Visit (90 min) - $310

  • Telehealth sessions OR office visits:

               60 min - $185

               75 min - $210

               90 min - $240

  • Telehealth IEP Team meeting or 504 Planning meeting - $225

  • School-based IEP Team meeting or 504 Planning meeting - $310

  • Phone consultation with other professionals (pediatrician, teachers, parent coordinator, lawyer, or other therapists) – prorated by length of call

  • Phone call/consultation with Dr. Egan – prorated by length of call

  • Report writing/documentation for schools or another service provider - $75

Ready to get started? Contact Dr. Egan to schedule a consultation.