What is a Parent Coach?

A parent coach is a highly-trained and knowledgeable professional whose primary role is to support and gently guide parents and caregivers as they deal with the challenges of raising healthy, happy, and successful children.  A parent coach builds a relationship with the parents in order to provide a constant source of encouragement, compassion, and positivity.

Common parenting concerns that can be effectively addressed with the support of a parenting coach include:

♦ coping with parental separation/divorce

♦ constant power struggles

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♦ temper tantrums

♦ bedtime and sleeping issues

♦ eating and mealtime routines

♦ behavior in public

♦ separation anxiety

♦ establishing authority as a parent

♦ co-parenting concerns

♦ concerns with developmental delays

♦ aggression/acting out behavior

♦ social behavior with peers

♦ dealing with life transitions

♦ advocating for your child at their school or daycare

A parent coach will help you identify your strengths as a parent, and build upon these strengths.

A parent coach will offer practical, research-based recommendations that take into account your time, schedule, resources, cultural and spiritual beliefs, and family structure.

A parent coach will maintain confidentiality at all times.

Dr. Egan believes that every parent has their child’s best interest at heart.  Furthermore, she believes that every parent is doing their absolute best based on the resources available.  Dr. Egan’s goal is to support parents as they tackle tough parenting issues.  She will carefully listen to each concern, assess the individual needs of a child and his/her family, build on the strengths of both the parents and the child, and offer and demonstrate realistic suggestions based on the specific needs of the child and/or family.

She recognizes that there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to parenting;  every child is an individual and therefore, may need an individualized approach to address concerning behavior.