Although services are tailored to meet the needs of your particular family, sessions are typically structured in the following manner:

30-60 minute initial telephone consultation/interview:  NO COST (this is not considered a formal session).

This initial telephone conversation is conducted in order to allow the parent to share information about their parenting concerns with Dr. Egan.  In addition, the parent will have the opportunity to become familiar with Dr. Egan’s communication style, ask questions about potential services, and schedule a future meeting, if appropriate.  If Dr. Egan feels that she cannot adequately address the referral concerns, she will assist the parent in finding the appropriate service provider, if possible.

♦ Initial session(s):  Home and/or School Observation(s)

Dr. Egan provides parent coaching services that are individualized to each specific family, based on the needs expressed in the telephone interview.  In order to collect further information about a child (or children), Dr. Egan conducts a formal observation in either the home or the school setting (depending on the age of the child and/or the area of concern).  If necessary, she will conduct an observation both at home and at school.  Please understand that Dr. Egan does not simply dispense general information or suggestions when working with an individual family.  In order to design an individualized intervention program, the appropriate data (in the form of an observation and interviews with teachers, staff, and parents) must be collected.

Follow-Up session (s):  Individualized Parent Coaching in order to address your specific concerns (session length:  approximately 60-90 minutes)

Each follow-up parent coaching session is tailored to address the specific needs of your family.  The strategies recommended by Dr. Egan will take into account your family’s structure, schedule, time constraints, resources, preferences, culture, interests, and current parenting style.  Oftentimes, Dr. Egan works very closely with your child’s school or child care facility. She is there to provide you with the tools you need to ensure that your family is functioning in a productive, healthy way.