South Carolina

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Charlotte Parent Coaching is dedicated to providing high-quality professional development to caregivers and educators who work with children in child care and preschool settings in South Carolina.

♦  All professional development activities are conducted by a Child Care Trainer registered in South Carolina (as approved by the SC Department of Social Services Division of Child Care Licensing and Regulatory Services).

♦  Charlotte Parent Coaching is committed to providing quality professional development in the following areas as identified by The Department of Social Services (DSS) Division of Child Care Licensing and Regulatory Services:

  1. Child Growth and Development:  covers topics associated with children’s developmental domains including physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive development.  Examples include stages of infancy, gross motor development, and brain development research.
  2. Child Guidance:  training in guidance and classroom management techniques.  Strategies used to guide children’s behavior can also be addressed.  Some examples include positive guidance techniques, anger management for children, reducing conflict and aggression, and specific issues relating to behaviors such as biting, hitting, or tantrums.
  3. Special Needs:  training that helps teachers identify atypical development in young children.  Examples may include how to refer children for further assessment, make classroom adaptations for differing needs, and communicate with and support parents in providing for children’s individual needs.

Charlotte Parent Coaching prides themselves on providing in-service training that addresses the specific needs of your child care or educational program.  Each professional development activity can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the staff at your facility, as long as it adheres to the standards set forth by DSS.  All professional development activities must be scheduled a minimum of 45 days prior to the training event, unless specific arrangements have been made otherwise.


2 hour training event on your choice of topic (length can vary, as requested)

$20.00 per participant

Minimum of 15 participants

Training provided at child care or preschool location, at your convenience

All training materials provided