Free Consultation

You may request a complimentary 30-60 minute telephone consultation with Dr. Egan, scheduled at your convenience. This conversation can be conducted during a mutually convenient time during the day or evening. Both parents are encouraged to participate in the conversation, although this is not required. During this conversation, you may wish to:

1)  share details of your specific concerns about your child’s behavior or development

2)  ask specific questions about the nature of the relationship between the parent coach and the parent(s)

3)  learn more about the specific services provided by Charlotte Parent Coaching

4) learn about the expected costs associated with parent coaching and schedule an observation and future appointments

Working with a parent coach can have a profound impact on your family. This complimentary telephone consultation may be very helpful in determining whether working with Dr. Egan is the right choice for you and your family.

To set up a consultation time, call (803)-412-1505 or email Dr. Egan at